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Selena – High Class London Escort Girl

Hi! Welcome to my personal webpage. My name is Selena. It comes from Greek language and means the Moon. And it’s a perfect name for me, because I am as mysterious and charming as the Moon. And I am especially bright at night. I’m as alluring and sophisticated as the Moon itself.

Here on my page I am going to share my interesting life with you and you will learn more about my personality and interests. For the first, I will tell you my story.

I come from industrial city Sheffield in Britain but I always felt that this city is not enough for me. I have always strived for a better life, full of luxury, intelligent and successful people. That’s why when I was 18, I moved to London. I entered Goldsmiths college and majored in art. I am very creative and have good taste in everything. During my studies I met a lot of successful people and I enjoyed spending time with prosperous men. I fascinated them with my charm and knowledge, so I decided to make it my hobby. More than that, God blessed my with appearance – long black silky hair, deep dark eyes, white skin, perfect curves (I am into fitness as well), soft feminine moves… In my group I had a girl, who worked as an independent escort. We quickly became friends and went out together a lot. She used to tell me about time spent with gentlemen so I followed her example. She helped me to get into the business. In the beginning I had few clients, but more and more people learned about me and so I became quite popular. I accompanied men to art exhibitions and parties and had wonderful nights with them, full of passion and romance. And know what? I love what I am doing! You may consider me boastful, but really I am combination of beauty and intelligence. I am interested in psychology, fashion, design, art, cinema, politics, sports and languages. Since I started my escort career, I have been to many interesting places and events, I have met a lot of interesting people, and in my blog I will share my stories with you

Selena’s Blog

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